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Are you seeking some original, exciting, and
easy-to-replicate item ideas for your next auction? 

The Auction Item Guide™ shares what items have been most popular at recent school and non-profit auctions...

...and the Audio Companion tells you why and how we are selling those items for more than their estimated value.

Hello Auction Planner,

You might not yet love securing items for your auction ... but you soon will!

Every January I release my free Auction Item Guide.  It shares the top 100 items we sold for over their value in charity auctions last year. 

If you’re working on a benefit auction, you’ll love it.  The Guide tells you what we sold.  It reveals what types of items were popular ... what the values were ... it even gives you some descriptions.

But there’s been a missing piece.  Until now, only my private auction clients got to hear the full story.

You see, the Guide tells you WHAT, but it doesn’t tell you WHY or HOW. 

The Guide doesn’t share WHY we chose to sell something... or HOW we decided to sell it.  That’s the type of information I share with my VIP clients.

When my clients and I sit down to talk about which items should go in the live versus the silent, I base my decisions on what I know about current auction trends. 

Almost once a week, I’m working as an auctioneer at a benefit auction.  I see hundreds (if not thousands) of people. I know what works because I see what grabs their attention.

My private clients are privy to that information and benefit from my expertise.  They learn how to present any given item ... they are told why they should put *this* in the auction, but not *that.* I advise them on insights I witness on a large scale.

To share this current information, I hold a one hour teleclass to cover the 4-6 themes gaining ground in charity auction procurement.  If you pay attention to those themes in your procurement, you’ll start to improve your auction. 

(Think of it as a sly way to coach your guests into better bidders!) 

Let’s face facts.  Auction procurement isn’t about getting more stuff.  It’s about getting the right stuff.
My companion audios tell you why and how to get the right stuff. 

To get the full story, select your Guide and its companion audio below.

Annual Auction Item Guide "What Sold Swell in 2012" 12-page e-book PLUS a 57-minute MP3 audio tutorial. Just $29.97.

The current 2012 Guide is free, but the strength of acquisitions is in knowing the "how" and "why." That detail is in the .mp3.

Points covered in the audio:

  • Creative ways to use your vendors as donors, and why “what they do” isn’t what you'll often ask for How to sell an item, keep the money, AND ALSO keep the item for your own use. (Sound crazy? It's not.) Two strategies for doing this -- and one is fail proof!
  • What anyone, living anywhere in the USA can secure as a cool donation for a trip to Washington, D.C., and what you should ask for to get the upgrade (though I can’t promise the upgrade)
  • Beware of political bullshit. (Stories to learn from.)
  • How to tap into your staff’s talent in some creative new ways.
  • How to use your organization’s inherent advantages when creating packages so you truly sell something unique
  • Let’s talk about sex!  (Specifically, how it was used in two auctions.)

What sold like heaven in 2011

Annual Auction Item Guide "What Sold Like Heaven in 2011" 10-page e-book PLUS a 59-minute MP3 audio tutorial. Just $19.97.

Points covered in the audio:
  • Great vacations that aren’t hard to get.  Strategies for securing hotels!
  • Why those Disney Parkhopper passes will likely NOT be sold in your live auction, once you learn this. (But I’ll tell you how to get them anyway.)
  • What to put in your procurement letter to improve your donation secure rate
  • Trends to try and watch
  • Simple (and fun!) approaches to create appealing travel packages … even if you swear you “don’t know anybody” in the hospitality industry
  • Examples of great “Show me how” packages that appeal to bidders
  • The hot toys in 2012 for adults AND kids, and how they can be sold
  • The behind-the-scenes of attaining something that was presumably unattainable

What sold like a gem in 2010

2010 Auction Item Guide™ Package

  • Auction Item Guide™: “What Sold Like a Gem in 2010.” (13-page PDF e-book)
  • 2010 Audio Companion MP3 (58 minutes)

Investment: $19.97

Some points covered in the audio:
  • How to use ultra-niche
  • How to capitalize on Hollywood’s marketing budget
  • Why “Out of Nowhere” donations need more of your pre-gala time
  • How to uniquely market super high-ticket items so they sell for high-dollar
  • Lifelong learning items
  • Travel ... with purpose
What Sold Divine in 2009

2009 Auction Item Guide™ Package

  • Auction Item Guide™: “What Sold Divine in 2009.” (11-page PDF e-book)
  • 2009 Audio Companion MP3 (55 minutes)

Investment: $19.97

Some points covered in the audio:
  • Selling off the parts
  • From the farm, to the table
  • How to sell "droolry"
  • Using "the phrase that pays" in your descriptions
  • The rise of second tier cities
What Sold Great in 2008 Auction Item Guide: “What Sold Great in 2008” 11 page PDF e-book (No audio available for this one!)

Investment: $4.97